B 10 Bundle


Our B10 Combo Meat Bundle Features:


3 lb Ribeye Delmonico Steaks

3 lb Center Cut Pork Chops

3 lb Baby Back Ribs

5 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

5 lb Lean Beef Patties

5 lb Rope Fresh Country Sausage

3 lb Center Cut Ham Steaks

10 lb Lean Ground Beef

2 lb T-Bone Steaks

*** Please Note ***

-We ask for 24 Hours Notice to Prepare all Meat Bundles.

-All (non monthly special) bundles are customizable for your convenience, substitutions are made in monetary value not weight value.

-Bundles are offered frozen (wrapped for the freezer) or Fresh (bulk packages)

-bundles for the Freezer are custom wrapped for your needs. (Default wrapping procedure is for a family of 2 people (example: 1lb packages or 2 items per package)

-Double any (non Monthly) Individual Bundle and receive an additional 10% savings on the same Second Bundle

Any Questions or Comments about our Bundles?

Give us a call at 717-653-0369