Since 1957 we have been serving central Pennsylvania with world class quality, freshest product available, and unbeatable service. We believe in that, so much so, that We have made those qualities our company’s slogan.

We are a family owned and operated business. Just stop by any location and ask to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Hummer, as the response will be “which one”.  We also have a top notch staff at each location with a vast knowledge of our products and procedures.  We are extremely proud of our staff, from our management team, expert butchers, dedicated clerks, to our cleaning crew.  Hummer or not, every member of our staff is family.  And as a family, our goal is to serve you with an outstanding alternative to the big box grocery stores.  From our fun atmosphere, fresh foods, and knowledgeable staff, we are sure that you visit us again and again.

Our History

Our story begins in 1957,  well actually it dates back to early 1900’s with the Rudy Brothers meats serving Harrisburg area.  At 11 years old Glenn Hummer worked for his uncle and grandfather at Rudy brothers in 1942.  Where he gained knowledge of the meat industry and honed his salesmanship and charismatic personality that he became know for!

The Market Basket

October 12th 1957 Glenn Hummer established Hummers Meats at the Big M farmers Market.  after the Big M decided to open on Sundays, Glenn and 3 other market vendors purchased a building in Elizabethtown and opened the “Market Basket” in January of 1960. Where numerous members of the Hummer family worked, including current day owners Doug Hummer and Jeff Hummer.

Bird In Hand Farmers Market

March 31st 1979  we agreed to enter the new Dillerville market.  After a few months as one of only 6 occupied stands in the whole market, it was time to move on. June 30th 1979, managed by Doug Hummer, we opened at the Bird in Hand Farmers Market.  As a tourist destination in the heart of Lancaster County’s Dutch country, allowing Hummers Meats the opportunity to serve, and make friendships with travelers visiting from all over the east coast.

Roots Country Market

After years of waiting for an opportunity, a stand became available at the Roots Country Market and Auction (open every tuesday) and we entered the market in 1982.  However not long after, with 2 partners retiring from market basket, it was time to focus on the farmers markets, and after 24 years of service, the Market Basket Closed in 1984. Roots Country Market and Auction is a staple of Lancaster County, and we are proud be one of the longest tenured stand holders at this prestigious market.

Meadowbrook Farmers Market

In 1983, we were able to add a stand in the Meadowbrook Farmers Market in Leola, managed by Jeff Hummer.  After many successful years, and with tour busses and travelers alike at market growing.  When new ownership took over the market and made changes that weren’t advantageous to its vendors.  It was time to look at other farmers markets, so we left meadowbrook market in 1993.

Kline Village Farmers Market

In 1988 we expanded into the Kline Village Market in Harrisburg, acquiring the stand from a retiring Fred Rudy of Rudy Brothers. Allowing Hummers Meats to continue and expand the family legacy in the Harrisburg area.  The stand was managed by Jeff Hummer and later then by Ryan Hummer.

Broad Street Market

After a Giant Food Store opening directly next to Kline Village Farmers Market, vendors began to leave little by little, leaving Hummers Meats and a few other vendors remaining until management close the doors in 2002.  This gave the opportunity for us to enter the Historic Broad Street Market in Harrisburg, where we continued to served the Harrisburg area.  Ryan Hummer managed Broad Street Market since we entered the market, he acquired the market from Hummers Meats in 2017 and now operates it independently as RG_Hummer Meats (he has now expanded into the west shore farmers market).

Mount Joy Retail Store

Since the Market Basket had closed,  we have longed for a local store to serve our home town.  With all markets going strong, and a few family members ready to join the business.  Doug Hummer and Jeff Hummer decided it was the right time to establish a Retail Store in our local community.   The opportunity in Mount Joy was exactly what we were looking for.  So in September of 2002 we opened our Retail Store and have been serving our great and loyal customers ever since.

York New Eastern Market

After being at the Bird In Hand Farmers market (3 to 4 days a week) for almost 40 years serving locals and travelers from all over.  It was time to condense our efforts on our thriving retail store in mount joy.  Saturday October 6th 2018 was our last day in the Bird in Hand Farmers Market.  The opportunity to enter the one day only New Eastern Market in York PA was very enticing.  A week later in October 2018 we entered new Easter market.


With the Pandemic kicking in hard, and the threat of national food shortages, we precisely navigated our suppliers and always had product to serve our loyal customers.  Unfortunately covid had caused us to consolidate our York team back to our Retail Store. After careful consideration we ultimately decided to end our time at New Eastern Market.

Present Day

We Currently operate the Tuesday only Roots Country Market and Auction, and our Mount Joy Retail Store.  We also run our own website and social media in house.  Our Mail Order business has also really taken off during and since the pandemic, allowing us to ship our smoked products to customers even when they are unable to get to us.  We love what we do and truly appreciate every customer that comes in our doors. We look forward to the future and serving our great community for decades to come!